If I should close my eyes
That my soul can see
And there's a place at the table
That you saved for me
So many thousand miles over land and sea
I hope to dare, that you hear my prayer
And somehow I'll be there

It's but a concrete floor
Where my head will lay
And though the walls
Of this prison are as cold as clay
But there's a shaft of light
Where I count my days
So don't despair of the empty chair
And somehow I'll be there

Some days I'm strong, some days I'm weak
And days I'm so broken I can barely speak
There's a place in my head
Where my thoughts still roam
Where somehow I've come home

And when the winter comes
And the trees lie bare
And you just stare out
The window in the darkness there
Well I was always late
For every meal you'll swear
But keep my place and the empty chair
And somehow I'll be there

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