My sweet, I know that you feel weak
My sweet, I swear you got this beat
And my love, I know that it's been tough
My love, I know you've had it rough

Tell me your secrets tonight
I ll take 'em with me, and I'll get the elves workin on them
In the workshop
We'll take your problems apart
put 'em back using our hearts
Got the elves working so hard
Make your pain stop

I m Santa's helper and I've got your back
All my love is gift wrapped
Don't be scared, I'm by your side
I m Santa's helper, give your fears to me
I ll take them home, baby
And return them as sunshine

I ll bring you sunshine, yeah

Darling, I know you want to sing, darling
But you've got to stop running, baby
You know that I ll carry you, baby
Your heart is safe with me

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