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Breathe In Deeper Sertab Erener

Boy I've got a bad itch to scratch tonight
I'm looking at you thinking that you might be right
I'm seeing sings - you've got the ringt effect on me
Later on I'll give the final 'lust exam'
So you can let me know why you should be the man
Whom I should let kiss this and that of me

Let's find a place where
The lights are dimmer
The heat's on simmer
Where I'll decide if we'll be...

One on one together
Yes or no - an answer
If your touch can make me
Breathe in deeper
Step by step - move closer
I will grade you higher
If you make me wanna
Breathe in deeper

Every move you make tells me this is it
I may have found the one ı wanna get deeper with
The one who'll make my body feel in harmony
But I don't know if ı've been seeing straight or bling
So I've gotta make sure you stay in line
Until I know exactly what this means

Söz: Joachim 'jack-e' bjorklund, Savan Kotecha
Müzik: Joachim 'jack-e' bjorklund, Savan Kotecha
Düzenleme: Peter Kvint
Published by: Murlyn songs Ab-Universal Music publishing ltd. / ohsuki music-emı blackwood music ınc(c) 2003. All rights reserved. Producted by Peter Kvint for Jailhouse productions. Recorded at Jailhouse studios, Stockholm by Peter Kvint.vocals recorded at Decibel studios, Istanbul by Alp Turac and Pieter Snapper conducted by Yildiray Gurgen. Progremming, keyboards, guitars, backing vocals by Peter Kvint. Turkish percussions by Mehmet Akatay strings by Gundem Yayli Grubu.

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Sertab Erener Sertab Erener
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