Atiye Deniz
Atiye Deniz
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Nobody Atiye Deniz

Its your touch its your kiss
Something i dont wanna miss
Its your skin it your lips
It feels like such a gift
I watch you when you sleep
Cause i cant get enough
Oooh when you're lovin me
Sometimes its just too much that

I cant live without you
Dont wanna love noone else but you
Nobody, nobody, nobody no
Nobody, nobody, nobody no

Aint nobody loved me like you
I just figured it out
No ending love between me and you
And i know you feel the same way too
I dont wanna move not a little bit
Unless its with you thats the way it is
Believe me what i say is true
I cant live without you

Girl you take the words from my lips cause i feel the same
And i dont wanna spend a night without you again
No, yes you're the one girl yes you're the only
Dadda dice never intend you is like summer with no sunshine
Bring back the days when we only had fun time
I m happy that you took time to think
And realize that we were really meant to be

Söz : Atiye
Müzik : Atiye, Philip Ellwart
Aranje : İskender Paydaş

Album Name : Atiye Submitted by : Diego / Suggest Edit

Atiye Deniz Atiye Deniz
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