Atiye Deniz
Atiye Deniz
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It Hurts Me Atiye Deniz

It hurts me, yes it hurts me
I do all to make you happy
Baby baby baby tell me do you love me

What did i do where did i go wrong
Why do i feel like your loves not strong
Dont you feel like you're been loved
Or givin, the thing that you deserve
Is it the food cant i keep the house
Is it the sex baby tell me now
I know you know things aint the same
And i dont want to give my lovein vain cause

I hate beeing treated like i m unwanted
Or livin life in fear like i m beeing hunted
Or even feeling like no one cares
Its been like this for the past two years
How long do you wanna keep me on hold
Winter is coming and its gonna be so cold
Should i spend the nights alone again
Just be a man and stop causing me pain

Let me know the truth before its too late
Before all my love turns into hate
Holding back will do us no good
I wanna smile again instead of having bad moods
I ll get over it time heals sores
The day will come when my heart will cure
I still love you like i did before

But if you dont baby just let me go

Söz: chrispin delon domalski
Müzik: atiye - phillip ellwart
Aranje: şadi arda kaynak

Album Name : Gözyaşlarım Submitted by : Diego / Suggest Edit

Atiye Deniz Atiye Deniz
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